Spam flters and email providers are increasingly reporting genuine email as junk or blocking email..

General Information...

Haigh operates secure email servers, and our two main domains are:
and previously

Candidates and Clients may thus have both addresses in their email.

Email providers such as BT, Google, Microsoft (Outlook and Hotmail) and Yahoo! are increasingly screening email to prevent spam and other unwanted email. Whilst this is a good thing - it is inevitable the algorithms make mistakes.... To prevent this possibility we recommend that you add our domains to your Whitelists and to your Safe Sender lists in your spam and email software as soon as you send us your CV or register.

It is advisable to add both the sender and the domain to your safe sender lists, this will prevent mail being delivered to the junk mail. Mobile devices vary and some do not display the junk folder in the way that it is visible on a PC or laptop. If however you do receive mail into the junk folder it is important to both accept the mail as not being spam and moving the mail to your inbox. Otherwise mail will continue to flow into the junk mail folder.

It is possible that email providers such as Hotmail block emails at source and do not send error reports. If you suspect this is the case it is not sufficiuent to add the sender to the Safe Senders list you must also add the Domain. for example

The way in which these systems work is that the more people that add us to the safe sender list the less will be the chance of any missed emails.

Spam Filters....
If you operate your own spam filters on your device it may be helpful to add our Domains to your whitelist of accepted senders. You can add either the email of the individual sender or the domain or both. For example: and / or

By registering you exercise your right to OPT-IN to our services as required by the Privacy and Electronic Communications (EC Directive) Regulations.

An integral part of these services is a requirement to communicate with you from time to time by email, SMS or telephone: either at home or at your place of work, depending on the contact details you have supplied. It is possible that you or your employer may have registered or may in the future register with one or more of the preference services; fps, tps, mps or e-mps. Your registration will be taken as overriding consent.

In order to provide our recruitment services you additionally acknowledge that we will pass on your contact details and other personal details to clients having first obtained your consent. These third parties may also contact you by telephone, email or SMS. We do not supply mailing lists to third parties.

It is important that you realise that by registering you have OPTED-IN.

If you wish to OPT-OUT for email messages we will provide the details on each email, as required by the Regulations. You may also make this request by post and to opt-out of telephone, mail or SMS communications please post your request to the Data Compliance Manager, Haigh Recruitment Consultants, Chart House, 33 High Street, Westerham, TN16 1PE. Your request will normally be actioned within 3 days but may take up to 15 days to process. Please note that should you OPT-OUT that due to the nature of our services we would be unable to continue to contact you and thus you would be de-registered and no longer considered for career opportunities.

A full list of polices can be found here: Opt-In, Copyright, Privacy and Equal Opportunity Policies

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